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AFRIC was established as a private company since March 2005, and has his headquarter in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

As an African Consulting Firm, Afric understands the unique High Level Service needs for Private foreign organizations working in Africa. By delivering best-of breed, integrated trade facilitation and investment assistance solutions, we play a role in keeping Africa abreast of the latest global quality of service standards delivered worldwide.


AFRIC – A New Age Business Facilitator


Today’s globalization includes all continents and the world economy growth is more and more attracted to new markets or high  ROI markets such as Africa.

In this configuration, international companies are interested in working in the continent and expect the same working efficiency than elsewhere in the world. Africa being a continent still largely in social and economic transformation and modernization, its specific working processes and administration procedures quite often is difficult for foreign companies to understand or at least to integrate the specific decision making and execution process and model required for their business. This results to misunderstandings, lack of clear communication, delays, and ultimately inefficiency or Project abortion.

We address these issues by the combination of our knowledge of the legal, political, economical, social as well as cultural environment and our understanding of the international business best standard practices, to create a working environment efficient for both parties.


Afric’s business Philosophy is typified in the attached diagram below.

The value proposition that AFRIC prefers to adopt with its clients is of a higher order where the value add from AFRIC is of strategic importance as well as mutually beneficial to both AFRIC and its clients. Although AFRIC can select to position itself anywhere in the positioning triangle, in accordance with the clients needs, refer diagram below, however the preference is to move up the triangle where solution provisioning and strategic alliances are more dominant.






Our mission is to open the continent of Africa to foreign Investors:


“We are Complex Sales & Investment Solutions Experts”


AFRIC focuses on international trade and investments coming to Africa providing a broad range of services to optimize investments process and/or to increase sales volume for our customer.

The Firm offers the services of end to end solution provider ensuring a customized solution built from the specific issues raised by the customer. Those dynamic solutions shall adapt to Africa changing environment for an optimum customer business requirements achievement.

This model ensure for the customer to be allowed to uses or services from a per case requirement on a spot need, to a global and integrated solution designed strategically to address multiple and complex requirements.

As can be seen from the above, Afric’s enhanced capability allows the Firm to position it ideally to offer end-to-end solutions.


AFRIC has nevertheless developed particular knowledge in the following economic sector:

  • Telecommunication

  • Mining sector

  • Oil & Gas

  • Energy

  • Transport