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AFRIC has multi-disciplinary skills combining internal and external resources. In fact due to the variable economic sectors Africís solution can address according to the customerís type of activity, AFRIC has chosen to focus internal skills on Complex Sales Solution Support, High level Lobbying and networking capabilities while creating working models with external experts used in regard with their specific field of expertise and in line with the customer needs. This flexibility is a strategic choice to remain efficient by ensuring usage of highest expertise to deliver first class services to our customers 


Our Head Office is located in Kinshasa DRC also in charge of Central Africa countries, we have representative office in South Africa who covers the Southern Region and we have representative in London, New-York and a partner in Paris and Beijing. Our aim for those out of Africa representative is to ensure our presence in strategic world financial market places and/or countries with strong energy and mining experience. Those representatives role is to identify, qualify and engage Africa business opportunities as well as to communicate and to promote existing specific opportunities towards potential suppliers.


Head Office in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Kinshasa - DR Congo

E: info@africonsultants.com

T: + 243815018213


Representative Office Johannesburg South Africa

144 Katherine Street cnr Grayston Drive

Grayston Ridge Office Park

Block A, 1st floor