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Clients & Partners







Complex Sales:


Our sales techniques combined with our network of contacts will guarantee the completion of deals and projects


Here are the ways we serve our clients:

  • We understand the context of the Project

  • We prepare the Project’s strategic approach

  • We meet with all decision makers

  • We identify key influencers

  • We ensure an accurate understanding of clients’ needs for submission of proposal

  • We gain support of “technical team” on proposal

  • We gain support of decision makers

  • We than close the deal

To ensure that the client receives the best service, here is how we prepare for complex sales:

  • We understand clients’ business objectives

  • We define sales evolution steps

  • We allocate sales probability success ratio at each step

  • We propose a contract performance evaluation period for client to review sales process evolution

  • We outline both parties’ responsibilities in sales process

  • We review the proposal with our client to ensure optimum results

Investment Solutions


We Provide Turnkey Solutions to Investors for a successful Country Entry Process and Project deployment


We assist our clients in the following ways:

  • Economic environment assessment

  • Company registration including all legal and administration procedures

  • Harmonization of client’s legal documentation with local regulations

  • Local partner identification and JV negotiation

  • Human Resources identification

  • Project deployment with multi-level support

To achieve these activities we will submit a business proposal to our client which will:

  •  Outline client’s business objectives

  • Provide a proposed solution to address the client’s needs

  • Present the deployment plan and its benefits to the client

  • review our proposal with our client to ensure optimum solution